LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD are pioneers in the development of pressure-sensitive films.
These films have a vast array of applications, including retail, signage and graphics.

VisionControlFilmĀ® helps architects, planners and designers solve viewing and privacy issues, where residents risk being overlooked, without sacrificing the building's aesthetics or the occupants' outlook.


  • Brand identity
  • Website design

Briefed to design the brand identity and website.

The key benefit of VisionControlFilm - which I wanted to illustrate in the logo design - is that from one angle VisionControlFilm is optically clear but as the viewing angle changes, so does the transparency of the glass, transitioning from completely clear to frosted, or vice versa.

VisualControlFilm logo compositions

The logo design uses three angled bars, each in a different tone, illustrating degrees of transparency. An orange ray of light forms the initial letter 'V' of the product name to create a modern, visually impactful identity.

VisualControlFilm logos - final versions

The clean, simple website uses the 'angle' treatment from the new identity to add a contemporary feel to the overall design with the key product features clearly communicated.

Control the view without compromising your design
Laptop showing VisualControlFilm website
VisualControlFilm website preview
VisualControlFilm website preview
VisualControlFilm website on iPhone

Video and diagrams also show how the four types of VisionControlFilm offer two viewing angles, depending on whether the film is applied vertically or horizontally.

VisualControlFilm diagram
VisualControlFilm image

Work shown designed whilst Creative Director at
Resolve Agency

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